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Since the academic year has recently started I thought I'd do a quick post to share some tips that I used or wish I knew at the time! I often found myself feeling pretty prepared and motivated at the start of the year but hopefully, some of these will help that to continue all year round, or more at least!

Attitude and Behaviour

Put in the effort now - when you get further into the year you'll thank yourself for putting in the time to learn everything properly, especially when it comes to revision as you'll already have materials to look back at.
> Mistakes are good - it can be disheartening when you make mistakes or don't get the feedback you hoped for but learning from them is a really productive and useful way to help improve.
> Strengths and Weaknesses - everyone has things they are better at and things they may struggle with, finding that out now and setting time aside to focus on the things you find harder will help reduce stress. You could also study w…


Now I am definitely not planning to have any kids until many many years down the line, however I have seen 'The Baby Tag' grow in popularity and thought I'd give it a go today! I'm not sure where this started and I do not take credit for these questions but good on you! I'm really picky and indecisive with names (I would literally spend hours just choosing a name for a Nintendog back in the day) so naming an actual physical human is something I find very difficult, however I gave it my best shot!
Here is a selection of things I kept from when I was a baby!

1) Favourite name from UK top 100 (2017)
Amelia & Archie - I don't particularly like to choose names beginning with the same letter but I really like these names and think they would suit someone throughout their life, there are always those names that you associate purely with young kids or elderly people but I think these are pretty versatile.

2) Least favourite from UK top 100 (2017)

Heidi & Jayden - I don't like to pick out names I don't like because there is also going to be someone with the name or who knows someone with it. The only reason I picked Heidi and Jayden was because they sounded like names that would be used more in the US and I prefer British names typically.

3) If you had twins what would you name them?

(Girl/Girl) Amelia & Poppy - Both of these names are really pretty and I think they go well together without being really similar. Amelia is probably my current favourite girl name but I have always liked Poppy.

(Boy/Boy) Oliver & Henry - I like the that both of these are fairly simple and I have noticed that I like the sound of names together where at least one begins with a vowel. I don't know why, I just think it flows nicely!

(Boy/Girl) Archie & Amelia - I've already mentioned why I like these names above, I like that despite the fact that both begin with A, they aren't too similar sounding. I think that would get so confusing with twins!

4) You have 4 children, names all start with same letter?
Archie, Alex, Amelia and Alice - I would never name all of my children with the same letter but I definitely find myself drawn towards more A names than any other letter. I really like all of these names and would consider using maybe two of them for sure, probably not Alex and Alice together though as they sound too alike for me.

5) Animal inspired name?
Wren - I found this pretty hard but the name Wren is definitely becoming more popular for both girls and boys and I am a fan!

6) Colour inspired name?
Ebony or Olive - I don't particularly like your standard colours for names like red, green etc. but I do think both of these are such pretty girl names.

7) Month inspired name?
April - This would probably be the month I like most as a name, maybe stemming back from my love of Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger as one of her characters was also called April. For boys I'd probably say August.

8) Celebrity baby name?

Olive (Drew Barrymore) or Olivia Jane (Colin Hanks) - There are so many celebrity baby names to choose from, some perfectly normal and others that are, well, a bit more unusual! I wasn't going to search through lists and lists but I do like Olive and Olivia so I'll go with that!

9) Guilty pleasure name?

Atticus - My love of this name comes from To Kill A Mockingbird an obviously brilliant novel. I don't think I actually call my child it but I'd love a pet turtle one day and this is at the top of my names list for that!

10) Food/drink inspired name?

Olive or Charlotte - This was one of the hardest questions for me. My youngest sister suggested 'Burger' but I don't really think a child would necessarily appreciate being called that! Obviously considering I have mentioned it a few times already, Olive is on my list but I wanted to add a new one as well. After looking at some suggestions I went with Charlotte which is the name of a dessert.
11) Flower inspired name?
Poppy - I added this question to the list, however I am sure it has been incorporated before. I have always liked the name Poppy so it was an easy one for me, I do think I began liking it after watching Wild Child (a 2000s classic I might add) but it's just generally a really pretty name!

Please feel free to link me any blog post or video if you have done The Baby Tag too!
11) Place name? - Georgia and Charlotte


  1. I don't want kids but I weirdly love reading these. I find it so interesting listening to the reasons people would/ wouldn't use a name. I really like some of your choices as I prefer more classic yet still modern names x


    1. I have no plans to have kids for years and years if at all but I'm obsessed with these! Thanks for reading too! xx


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