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At the beginning of 2021, I started using Notion and I wish I'd done sooner! It's a productivity/planning/organisation tool but can be used to store any information - from study notes to meal plans to finances and lists for pretty much anything you need. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube to help set up your Notion which I definitely used for inspiration, as well as tips and ideas on TikTok, These videos from Unjaded Jade , Twirling Pages , Om & The City helped me particularly! I've also added some quick videos of my Notion pages at the bottom of this post if you want to see what it looks like in use. This post isn't an ad but as you'll see pretty quickly, I'm a fan of Notion so far! App & Quick Notes Notion also has an app that is compatible with iOS 14 - this makes it even easier to access any daily to-do lists or whatever content you want to access quickly. I have a widget that takes me to my Notion homepage, it has links to any of my pages so I
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I'm writing this just as it's been announced that we are back in lockdown (as was expected!) Knowing this, setting goals, or making plans for the upcoming year may seem pretty pointless and I fully get why people won't bother this year. For me, it's a way to be somewhat productive, something that boosts my mood if  I've been feeling uninspired. I'm not making any huge goals this year, many are short term things that should be relatively easy to achieve. I'll revisit them later in the year and make additional ones if necessary! Choose a university course My main goal for 2021 is to start a new university degree. If you've read any of my previous posts, you might know I was studying with the OCA and doing a Creative Arts course. Since completing (and passing!) the first course, I realised I want to focus on a more specific avenue, rather than creative arts as a whole. Another reason I want to change courses is so that I'm able to move to a new location


I know this year was very different for everyone and some of your plans will have been completely ruined but I hope you were able to enjoy Christmas as best you can. Despite living in a tier 2 area, I spent Christmas at home with my immediate family which isn't much different from most years. We'd usually visit family in the days after but obviously haven't been able to this year, I'm lucky to have had a relatively normal Christmas though.  I've seen a lot of people feeling unsure about posting what they got for Christmas this year, but generally, it seems people want as much normality with content as possible. I'm also very grateful for the gifts I received!  I actually treated myself to a new laptop as my old one stopped working earlier in the year. Since I've just applied to new university courses it was definitely a worthwhile purchase and I put some money I recieved for Chrismas towards it!  Usually my grandparents will give me money so I can buy things


I love any sort of tag post but a festive one is even better. A big thank you to Anna-Alina for tagging me, you can check out her post here ! Christmas tree. Real or fake? Is a Christmas tree a must-have for winter holidays and creating the Christmas atmosphere or is it not necessary for you? I love going to pick out our Christmas tree each year, we usually get it around the start of December so it marks the official start of the Christmas season for me. I think fake trees can look great but I'd miss the smell of a real one! Holiday drinks. Coca Cola, eggnog or hot chocolate? Or maybe something different? What you drink on Christmas? Definitely hot chocolate, I tried Costa's Chocolate Orange one recently which was great! We always make hot chocolate on Christmas Eve whilst watching a Christmas film so it always makes me feel super festive. What are your own Christmas traditions? One tradition I enjoy is getting new pyjamas on Christmas eve and I also love playing board games du


We’re all going to be pros at finding things to entertain ourselves after this aren’t we! Being stuck inside feels very familiar, however, without the warm weather that accompanied the first lockdown. I thought I’d share some of the things I enjoyed doing and some ideas to pass the time over the next few weeks.  Get some fresh air  One activity I really enjoyed and valued during the first lockdown was getting out and going on regular walks around my town. When restrictions were eased more I also travelled to quieter beaches since I love being by the sea and find it so relaxing! It's definitely harder to get outside as much during the colder months but I've still made an effort and always feel better for it. Here are a few photos I've taken whilst out on walks this year! Watch anything and everything  The most obvious go-to activity is of course watching films or tv shows. I’ve spent my time watching all the cheesy Christmas films on Netflix recently and have no complaints!


  Autumn is in full swing and during the many rainy days, watching a show or film is the best way to spend a day! So, I thought I'd share some of my favourite things to watch during this season.. Gilmore Girls Nothing says Autumn like Gilmore Girls, it's always the most mentioned show when it comes to this time of the year. Stars Hollow is the ultimate cosy town and they do seasonal so well, it's my favourite show and is one you can re-watch whenever. I've already re-watched it earlier this year and I'm already missing it! For anyone that has no idea what Gilmore Girls is, it follows mother and daughter duo - Lorelai and Rory and if you've never watched it now is a perfect time! The Great British Bake Off Another classic feel-good show that I love and I’m so pleased they were able to do another series this year! I’d definitely recommend having snacks whilst you’re watching though because it makes me so hungry! Chesapeake Shores I've not heard many people men


To say 2020 has been a weird year would be an understatement, in fact, it's been pretty crappy and much worse for many people. I feel lucky to have been able to live with some normality when the world is so chaotic. However, the year seems to have gone ridiculously fast and this blog took a backseat. I definitely had writer's block too and didn't want to blog for the sake of it, however, after being away for a while I've missed it a lot! I enjoyed the social side of blogging as well as sharing bits of my life so am looking forward to getting back into it. I’ve still been posting regularly on my Creative Arts blog as part of my studying which definitely took up a lot of time! It's been a really interesting experience and I’ve learnt a lot. I’m actually making some decisions about my future studies which I’ll share on here at some point but I definitely have a better idea of what I’m really interested in! Obviously doing a course from home is pretty time consuming and