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I was recently tagged in the A-Z Alphabetical Advice Tag by Erin who blogs over at The Life of Erin, definitely go check her out and you can read her post here! Since I'm no pro at giving advice, I thought I'd tailor it more towards self-care tips and advice, it was pretty difficult to think of something starting with each letter (mainly X) but I've given it a go!

A Acknowledge that you need to take some time to focus on yourself and to make self-care a priority. B Balance is key. You can't give up all responsibilities but it's important that you give yourself time to enjoy yourself, to spend time with people and relax, as well as the normal routine things. C Create. Whether it's art, a new post, some food or just simply creating an environment you can relax in. D Don't put pressure on yourself to always be on top form, everyone has days that aren't as productive. E Eat whatever makes you feel good. If you want to binge out on your favourite comfort foods or a…


I haven't done a tag in quite a while and always find them great fun, so I was pleased when I saw that Michael had tagged me in The Autumn Tag! Essentially this tag is a set of questions all about, you guessed it - Autumn! Definitely go and check out Michael's post here as he had some great answers, thanks again for tagging me! 

What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

Once it gets chillier out, the evenings get darker earlier and the leaves start changing. Also by October 1st I always feel ready for Autumn.

What is your favourite Autumn scent?

I love things like cinnamon, cedarwood, black pepper - anything spicy, woody or earthy really.

What is your favourite Autumn colour?

Burgundy is one of my favourite colours this time of the year, a lot of my outfits tend to include something burgundy around Autumn. I also love all the colours the leaves turn too, it looks so pretty!                                               
Are you a fan of a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

This may come as a shock but I've never actually tried one, I definitely need to though!

What is your favourite Autumn drink?

Well, you can't beat a good tea but I also love a simple hot chocolate too. I like to buy flavoured chocolate bars and then melt them down with milk to make a super chocolatey one (Lindt is amazing for this!) 

What is your favourite coffee shop and drink of choice?

I have a Costa that's local to me and always love their hot chocolates, I really want to try their new Bonfire Spiced range as it sounds amazing!

Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie?

Neither, I'm actually not the biggest fan of pies and I also hate cooked apple!

What TV show, new or old are you looking forward to in the next few months?

I'm really looking forward to the new season of Riverdale which starts in a few days. From what I've seen in the trailers it looks like it is going to be pretty interesting!

What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

I love checked shirts, they are so easy to throw on and can make an outfit. I definitely need to get some more for this Autumn. Also, I'm a big fan of denim jackets and boots too. 

What is your favourite comfort food to enjoy in the colder months?

This doesn't only apply to Autumn but I love pasta dishes, definitely a comfort food for me. Also, I enjoy a good chilli and of course, chocolate!

What is your favourite Autumn activity? 

I quite enjoy carving pumpkins as I like to find a new design each year, I also would really love to go to a pick your own farm at some point this Autumn. Other than that, I mostly just enjoy Autumn photography. 

Are you a fan of horror movies?

Yes definitely, but they have to be properly scary as I feel like I've seen so many that I'm immune to them now. I need to have a horror marathon soon as I've not watched any in a while, with snacks of course! 
Do you ever do anything fun for Halloween?

Not really anymore, like I mentioned before I've always carved a pumpkin since I was fairly young so I still do that. Also, it's my youngest sister's birthday on the 28th so sometimes we do something for that. 

What was your favourite part about Halloween as a child?

The Trick or Treating, of course, I loved going around and getting a tonne of sweets - who didn't! I usually dressed up as a witch and have many witch hats stored somewhere now haha. 

Are you a bigger fan of Bonfire Night or Halloween?

I feel like the older you get, they both become a little underwhelming. I like Halloween for the food you can get in the shops for sure. I've not been to see fireworks for a while but one year I went to watch a pretty decent display and had some soup which was much needed for the cold!

Where is your dream destination to visit in the Autumn?

Oh wow, so many places. I'd absolutely love to visit a Scandinavian or
a Nordic country, they look absolutely beautiful and especially at this time of the year!

Do you always forget about the clocks going back?

Sometimes but my Dad always used to mention it when we were younger so it's sort of ingrained in me now. Also, I tend to stay up late and see it change on my phone, it is a bit confusing when you check the time and see it's an hour earlier but then I remember why!

When do you usually start preparing for Christmas?

As soon as possible, I actually listened to Christmas music for the first time the other day! I definitely start mentally planning for Christmas around now but properly preparing probably starts in November at some point.  


Here are the lovely people that I tag! 

Kimberley from Life of Kimberley 
Beth from The B Word
Aimsy from Aimsy's Antics
Nancy from Exquisitely Me
Bailey from Bailey Leah

Hope you enjoyed reading through my answers, they were all so interesting to answer and I'm fully in the Autumn spirit now! I'd love to know what other people enjoy about this time of the year so let me know if you decide to answer them too and be sure to tag more bloggers!


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me in this I can't wait to write my answers as I love Autumn! I've never tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte either! So glad I'm not the only one.

    Jess //

    1. Looking forward to reading your answers! Oh I thought I must be the only one haha!xx

  2. I really enjoyed reading your answers. Happy to know I'm not the only one who hasn't tried a PSL but my reason is because I don't like coffee lol.

    1. Thank you! Oh well that’s definitely a reason then haha!

  3. I love these kinds of posts! I love being able to get to know others! I wish I could have a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, but I'm allergic to cinnamon :(

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Yes me too! Oh no that must be so annoying for you 😕 thanks for reading xx

  4. I love the autumn tag! I am a fan of the changing leaves as well. YESSS! Cinnamon is such a nice flavor! Even though we're halfway through October, I am already over PSL. At least this is a seasonal flavor. Thanks for sharing these answers and thanks for the tag!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Me too! I know right, cinnamon works with so much doesn’t! Thanks for reading and let me know if you do the tag!xx

  5. I never tried a pumpkin spice latte either! Burgundy is one of my fav colours too! Love autumn and cinnamon is the best spice and best smell! lovely tag!

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! Yes I know right, and thank you!

  6. Great post! This looks like a really cool tag. I need to try the whole making hot chocolate with solid chocolate more often, I love Lindt chocolate so much! x

    1. Yes it was a great tag to do! It’s so nice and oh my Lindt chocolate is amazing isn’t it!x


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