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I did it, a whole year of blogging! I'm so glad that I stuck at it because I enjoy it so much and can't believe how much progress I've made with it all. Not only that, but I've connected to so many people all around the world which is just amazing, I can't wait to see what the next year working on my blog brings! Anyway, here is a sum up of my blogging journey so far.

What I've achieved
- Just over 50 posts which is equal to roughly 1 per week, and I'm definitely pleased with that! I started off slow and could have probably done a lot more but at least I've got something to work towards! - Hit 1.5k+ followers on my blog Twitter account and also had 30.5k impressions in my best month - Reached 200+ followers on my blog Instagram account after starting to properly use it in May - Had 2562 viewers on Pinterest in one day and an average of around 1000 - Over 9000 pageviews, the fact that I'm on the way to 10,000 blows my mind! - Worked with some brands …
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Since we're halfway through the year I thought I'd do some reflecting and wanted to refocus on some goals to work towards for the rest of 2018. I like having something to work towards whether it's more short-term or something that I'd like to improve over time. I've tried to include a range of things so I can target different aspects of my life!

Blogging Goals
Hit 2000 followers on Twitter - I just hit 1.5k so 2000 is my next goal! I'm really pleased with how my Twitter following is growing as it's my favourite social media and way to connect! Hit 500 followers on Instagram - My blog account is pretty new & I'm still learning to use it for blogging but I hope to reach at least 500 followers. Work with more companies - It's so rewarding when brands contact and want to work with you so I'd love to work with more companies, I've not had much experience of it but have done a couple of reviews! Schedule more posts - It's always useful to have…


Isn't it mad that we're halfway through 2018 already, or as I like to think - halfway to Christmas again, haha! I'm sure I always say this, but it really feels like this year has gone by so quickly! May was a pretty good month, we had some gorgeous weather which always puts me in a great mood but I also find that when the sun is out, blogging tends to take a backseat which I really want to improve on over June! Anyway, here are my favourites for May!

In my last favourites, I touched upon how I wanted to keep up with my Spring photography and like I just mentioned, we've been pretty lucky with the weather in May so that's something I've enjoyed doing a lot! It's been really lovely being able to spend more time outside and I've made the most of it by going on regular walks, it's a great way to relax and clear your mind and I've been able to take some great photos too!


There isn't really any new makeup I've been loving recen…


For all you stationery and homeware lovers, I've got a haul that you're going to enjoy today! I recently shared a competition that Old English Company were running and looking through their site made me so excited to get some bits of my own! I sort of wish I was redecorating or moving into a new house because their stuff would be so perfect for that, anyway let me share some of the bits that caught my eye!

'Notes' A5 Notebook
For as long as I can remember I've been a hoarder of notebooks, mostly for my extensive list making! Since starting my blog I've used notebooks to plan blog post ideas quite a lot and I had started to come to the end of the one I'd been using so it was definitely time to get a new addition! It's great quality and I also really like the simplicity of the design too. 
Grey and Gold Planner
Being organised is something I'm always trying to improve, I would say I'm fairly good at it but hey if a planner can help even more then w…


These posts are one of my favourites to read so I thought it was time to do another! Here are my answers to the Throwback Tag questions!
1) What year were you born?
2) What did you look like when you were younger? (share a picture!)
Here are a few of me when I was little, I have to admit, I was a fan of the camera!

3) What TV shows did you watch when you were young?
When I was really young I loved Bob The Builder and Bear in the Big Blue House & then when I was a bit older I was obsessed with Disney Channel - my favourite was probably Wizards of Waverly Place!
4) What toys did you play with and what was the name of your favourite toy?
I liked playing with Polly Pocket a lot, and Tamagotchi's oh my, they were great! When I was a little older I loved playing on my Nintendo DS mostly! One of my favourite toys was a bear called Picnic! 
5) What songs did you love when you were young?
I was obsessed with the song 'The Tide is High' when I was pretty young, I can remember s…


I honestly can't believe it is May already! It does not feel like it has been a year since my starting the exam season for my A Levels, good luck to everyone starting any exams by the way! Anyway, April went by pretty quickly and the weather was all over the place, however like always there were definitely some things I enjoyed through the month!
Spring Photography - The weather has certainly been all over the place however we had some really lovely days at the end of April and I managed to get out and about to enjoy it! I love taking photos and my hometown has some gorgeous spots so I couldn't resist going on an evening walk, I really hope I can build up a nice collection of photos in the coming months!
Fashion - Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a large collection of striped tops in my wardrobe. At this time of the year when the weather is a bit warmer, a striped t-shirt is a staple for me, they're so simple but can add a bit of interest to a plain outfit a…


I've been a fan of Old English Company for ages now, they have some great little bits including prints, homeware and stationery. I often find myself scrolling through their Instagram or Pinterest and mentally create a wishlist in my head of everything I want! I love simplistic designs and they do exactly that, they're definitely somewhere to check out if you want some new bits for your home or some gift ideas!

I'd love to know if anybody already has some bits from Old English Company or if you've been eyeing something up for a while!
Anyway, when they got in touch with me to let me know that they had a competition for their new Enamel Pin range I wanted to let people know! Their collection of pins are so cute and there are some really fun designs. They're a great way to jazz up a jacket, bag, or you can even buy an Enamel Pin Display Flag which I love the idea of!

My favourites are definitely the Pineapple, Monstera Leaf and the Love Heart but you can check out th…