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I'm not one to make resolutions particularly but I do think it's quite useful to make some goals, though it doesn't necessarily have to be January! 

→  Start a Creative Arts degree - This year I plan to begin studying with the OCA, this is part of the University for the Creative Arts but you can do it from home which will allow me to continue working as well!
→ Work with more companies - I've had a couple companies reach out to me already this year so I'm really looking forward to working with more brands to create content. → Create a list of book ideas - Writing a book is on my bucket list and although it's not something I plan to do yet, I would like to think of some potential ideas and themes. → Guest posts - I've done a few guest posts previously and would like to do more to build up my portfolio. I'd also like to contribute to places like Buzzfeed since it's a platform I use frequently.

→ 4000 followers on Twitter - I'm almost at 2500 so 4000 is…


I recently visited Bristol Zoo and thought I'd post a few shots I managed to capture whilst I was there! Normally when I go to the zoo the lions always seem to be out of sight somewhere but we were really lucky as they came right up to the glass - my first shot shows just how close we were!

Now the flamingos always make me feel pretty nostalgic, as a 5 year old little girl and lover of pink, these birds were fascinating to me. I had a number of flamingo toys so whenever I see them I always think back to how much I loved them!

The butterfly photo was captured in the walk through butterfly garden, if you haven't been to Bristol Zoo it is essentially a small jungle for butterflies and the occasional bird. It's getting a lot less common to see butterflies in the wild nowadays so to be amongst them flying around was really interesting and there were so many different species.

We were really lucky with the weather and it was a beautiful sunny day, you know the kind where it'…