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Since I recently turned 20, I feel like a know a fair amount about the sort of person I am now... though I definitely don't have my life figured out by any means! I also find posts that allow you to find more about the blogger interesting so thought I'd share 20 things about me here.
I love exploring and travelling - Whether it's a completely different country or even just a new place within somewhere I'm already familiar with, I want to visit as many different places as I can!Learning has always been something I've enjoyed - I actually really liked school but besides that, I just like to learn and expand my knowledge as much as possible.I'm generally a pretty calm and chilled person - Most of the time I'm a very laid back person and don't get easily stressed or angry.I'm a hard worker but also equally good at procrastinating - I always work hard at whatever I do but I would probably get it done much quicker if I didn't procrastinate as much!I e…


I recently visited Bristol Zoo and thought I'd post a few shots I managed to capture whilst I was there! Normally when I go to the zoo the lions always seem to be out of sight somewhere but we were really lucky as they came right up to the glass - my first shot shows just how close we were!

Now the flamingos always make me feel pretty nostalgic, as a 5 year old little girl and lover of pink, these birds were fascinating to me. I had a number of flamingo toys so whenever I see them I always think back to how much I loved them!

The butterfly photo was captured in the walk through butterfly garden, if you haven't been to Bristol Zoo it is essentially a small jungle for butterflies and the occasional bird. It's getting a lot less common to see butterflies in the wild nowadays so to be amongst them flying around was really interesting and there were so many different species.

We were really lucky with the weather and it was a beautiful sunny day, you know the kind where it'…