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December is always a busy month and the one I look forward to most! So, I thought I should share some of the things I enjoyed over the month, which seemed to fly by!


Now, of course, I had to mention Christmas as a whole since it is the thing that makes December my favourite time of the year! I enjoy the whole lead up to Christmas and spend most of my time watching Christmas films, listening to Christmas music and eating a lot of food! It’s also really lovely to see family and Christmas Day itself was amazing too. I was lucky to receive some brilliant gifts which you can check out here!


We finally went to see Mary Poppins Returns which completely lived up to my expectations, I'm a big Dinsey fan and new I had to watch this when they announced it. I loved the new story and thought Emily Blunt was absolutely perfect for the role, Lin-Manuel Miranda was also incredible! I also think that the nods to the original were really well done and it’s definitely a film I’d want …


As you may know from my previous post, it was my birthday recently and as I always enjoy reading what gifts other people received, I thought I would share mine too! As I get older I find it increasingly harder to decide what I actually want so I'm so grateful for everything I did get!

Bath Set
One of my presents from my sisters was this bath set from the Scandinavian brand Hugg. Little sets like this one are the ideal birthday gift for when you don't want anything in particular and I've never used anything from them so I'm excited to try it out! I also think the packaging is so pretty, it's pretty minimalistic but that's definitely the sort of thing I'm into at the moment. The set contains a 100ml bath soak and body lotion and is only £8 in Waitrose at the moment!


My sisters also gave me a diffuser from Fired Earth in the scent Assam and White Cedar. I'd never heard of this brand before but I absolutely love their packaging and the product itself…


Last Saturday I turned 19 and to celebrate, my boyfriend kindly paid for a trip to London. So on the Friday we morning, we made the journey from our little town to the busy streets of city life. The journey actually went really quickly, (around 2 hours) though we were both very hungry when we got there!

We stayed in The Grange St. Pauls hotel which was absolutely gorgeous and I would 100% recommend it to anyone. The room itself was a perfect size - spacious but still felt cosy and the bed was super comfortable, something I was very appreciative after the long day! However my favourite part and one of the reasons I chose this hotel were the leisure facilities. The pool itself was amazing and it was so nice to be able to use it on the Friday afternoon and again on the Saturday morning before we checked out. There was also a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and a gym, as well as a spa, which you could book various treatments at. Unfortunately we didn't really use too many of these as most…


After January dragging on forever, February literally seemed to fly by! I'm pretty glad though as March is my birthday month, so mad that I'll be 19 soon! Anyway, despite it being a short month I've still got some favourites to share!

Experience - So I had to start by talking about how lovely it was to meet my new baby cousin, Aya earlier this month! She was born on the 3rd of February so my family and I went up to Bristol to go see her and oh my, she was so tiny and adorable! It was also lovely to catch up with my Uncle, Auntie and Aya's big brother who has just turned 3. He is at that really funny, cheeky stage and was obsessed with playing with my hair which involved spreading it across my face so it looked liked a 'spiderweb'!

Music - I've recently loved listening to Dua Lipa, especially whilst walking to and from work. Her music has that really refreshing sound, definitely been a good year for her, hasn't it! If you haven't listened to any of …