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Everything else has taken a backseat lately as I recently started a course with the OCA, I knew I wanted to get a degree but had no clue what and didn’t want to rush into something after school. I’d always planned to something based around creativity but could never decide on a certain aspect. The Creative Arts degree that the OCA offers allows you to study a range of topics, to begin with (Contemporary Art, Creative Writing, Visual Communications, Photography, Textiles) and then you choose 2 of these to develop further. This is perfect for me as I’ll be able to explore the different avenues and can make a better-informed choice on what I’m more interested in. Right now, I think I’ll choose writing and photography since I enjoy them both and think they could be pretty useful in terms of the potential careers I’d be interested in - another positive being the fact that hopefully, this will open up new job opportunities too.

So what is the OCA? Well, the Open College of the Arts is for th…


Like me, everyone has times when it can be difficult to find the inspiration to write new blog posts. I feel like it’s easier to come up with ideas at certain times of the year but it can be frustrating when you can’t seem to write something that you’re happy with. I thought I’d share a few things that I try when writer's block hits me!
→ Pinterest - A classic go to for inspiration for pretty much everything, why not keep a board full of different ideas that you can come back to when you're feeling a bit stuck for fresh ideas. → Lists & Mind maps - Try making lists or if that’s not your thing then perhaps a mind map may help. I like to write down the things I enjoy and am interested in and often that can give me a burst of inspiration for some posts. 
→ Read other blogs - This is one of the best ways to get some inspiration for the content that's already out there. I'd recommend participating in blog chats as they're a great way to talk with and support fellow blo…


I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a necklace from Statement Made Jewellery as part of their 2019 blogger programme, I'm really hoping to connect with more brands this year so I'm very glad to have this opportunity! 
Statement Made Jewellery is owned by Steph, a qualified gemmologist and you can read more about how it all began here. I always enjoy discovering new jewellery brands and after checking out their website, I saw that they have some really unique and lovely pieces - including necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings. 
I was asked if the product they sent me could be a surprise which I was definitely up for as I don't tend to get many surprises really! Yesterday a parcel arrived containing a small pouch which was printed with their logo, as well as a certificate of authenticity and care instructions. I'd been looking forward to seeing which piece of jewellery I'd received and was very pleased with the result as I was given a gold necklace with the A…