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Since I recently turned 20, I feel like a know a fair amount about the sort of person I am now... though I definitely don't have my life figured out by any means! I also find posts that allow you to find more about the blogger interesting so thought I'd share 20 things about me here.
I love exploring and travelling - Whether it's a completely different country or even just a new place within somewhere I'm already familiar with, I want to visit as many different places as I can!Learning has always been something I've enjoyed - I actually really liked school but besides that, I just like to learn and expand my knowledge as much as possible.I'm generally a pretty calm and chilled person - Most of the time I'm a very laid back person and don't get easily stressed or angry.I'm a hard worker but also equally good at procrastinating - I always work hard at whatever I do but I would probably get it done much quicker if I didn't procrastinate as much!I e…


I was talking with my family recently about snacks that have been discontinued in the U.K and have come up with a list of things I would love to see back on our shelves! Admittedly most of these are chocolate but that's only because there were so many to choose from!

1) Mingles - These are at the top of my list because these were my absolute favourite to have at Christmas time. Bendick's still do some minty alternatives but I'm sorry, why were these ever taken away?! 
2) Calippo Shots - As a child this would always be my choice when the sun decided to show itself. Everyone I knew would also see how quickly they could eat them which almost always ended in brain freeze! I was surprised to see they had been discontinued though. 
3) Mars Delight - I'm pretty sure these were never around long anyway but I would still love to have another. It was just a much lighter and crispier version than an actual Mars Bar, and sometimes that's exactly what you need. 

4) Panda Pops…


Since I have always enjoyed watching the 'What's in my bag' videos on YouTube, I thought why not do it myself on here! I don't necessarily always carry around a bag with me but these are the items I would say are my essentials!

1) Phone - So obviously I always have my phone with me, I currently have the iPhone 6 with a white marble case. Had to use the phone to take the image but you can see my case which I had to carefully pull off without scratching the actual phone to pieces (why do they do that?) 2) Purse/Wallet - Another important item is of course your money and I have mine in this handy little mint green wallet that has an extra big compartment for your phone as well. Plus it was not expensive at all so that is also a bonus! 3) Lip balm - There is nothing I hate more than feeling like you have dry lips and not having any lip balm, so I never leave the house without it nowadays. There are hundreds of different brands but Vaseline is always a winner, the Rosy Lips…