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As of today, I've officially been blogging for 2 years which seems so strange to say! I feel like I've shared a fair amount but thought I would do a get to know me better post as it's a bit of fun! 

Favourite film?
 I can never seem to choose just one favourite but I'm pretty into mystery thriller type films - especially ones with a twist! For instance, I love things like Shutter Island and Inception, anything that keeps you guessing or has an ambiguous ending. I also enjoy a good comedy, one that springs to mind is Hot Fuzz as it also has that twist element. 
What is my Zodiac sign and do I agree with it?
Well, I was born on March 10th, making me a Pisces. I wouldn’t say I’m overly clued up about horoscopes and astrology, I do find it interesting though! In terms of me relating to the general description of a Pisces, there are some aspects that describe me well for sure. In particular, the creative, charismatic, intuitive and adaptable traits describe me pretty well. A…


I was recently tagged in the A-Z Alphabetical Advice Tag by Erin who blogs over at The Life of Erin, definitely go check her out and you can read her post here! Since I'm no pro at giving advice, I thought I'd tailor it more towards self-care tips and advice, it was pretty difficult to think of something starting with each letter (mainly X) but I've given it a go!

Acknowledge that you need to take some time to focus on yourself and to make self-care a priority.
Balance is key. You can't give up all responsibilities but it's important that you give yourself time to enjoy yourself, to spend time with people and relax, as well as the normal routine things.
Create. Whether it's art, a new post, some food or just simply creating an environment you can relax in.
Don't put pressure on yourself to always be on top form, everyone has days that aren't as productive.
Eat whatever makes you feel good. If you want to binge out on your favourite comfort foods or a takeaway then do that. If you feel sluggish then take time to make a healthy and nutritious meal.
Freshening up can give you a boost and make you feel much better. So have a shower/bath, choose an outfit that's comfy and makes you feel good. Why not spray your favourite fragrance too, even if you are still going to be chilling in bed. 
Go out and do something you enjoy. See a movie, take a walk, meet friends or family - whatever you fancy doing.
Hydrate yourself, drinking water is a must and has huge benefits to your overall mood and health.
Indulge. Eat that chocolate, buy that thing you've been wanting, make the best cup of tea, anything that helps to cheer you up.
Joking around and having a laugh is an easy way to feel more positive, and if you aren't up to cracking jokes then put on your favourite comedy show or film. 
Knowing yourself and the little things that brighten your day are the easiest ways to improve your self-care.
Listen to music, a podcast, your favourite feel-good film, whatever helps you to forget about any negativity for a bit. Don't forget to listen to yourself and your needs too.
Manage your time better by giving yourself time to rest and relax, as well as being productive. This can help you to feel much less overwhelmed.
Nostalgia can be a good way to cheer yourself up, go through old photos and videos, watch films you loved growing up, or just reminisce on memories that make you smile.
Organise in ways that suit you. Don't feel like you have to use the same methods as everyone else but find ways to help reduce stress.
Pamper yourself. Run a bath with your favourite products, light some candles and do a face mask. Why not have a massage or get your nails done, just little things that make you feel good. 
Quality time with yourself is just as important as spending time with friends and family. Allow yourself to do both and look forward to it.
Read books, articles, blog posts or anything that brings you enjoyment. It allows you to escape and forget about things for a bit and can help you to feel much more relaxed.
Set yourself up for a good day. Be positive, plan your outfit, know the things you want to achieve. Even if you're going to stay in bed all day, have things to do that you enjoy and will help you have a better day.
Talk to people when you need to, whether it’s about your feelings or something completely random. Communicate and try to not isolate yourself, even if it’s just through social media if you’d prefer to be by yourself.
Utilise everyday things that can help cheer you up. Think about your favourite smells, foods and just little things that instantly boost your mood.
Visually pleasing things are another easy way to feel more content. Redecorate your room, take a walk through nature, visit a gallery, bake your favourite cake and decorate it, anything you can look at that makes you feel happier.
Write. Whether it’s journaling, blog posts, to-do lists, poems, stories or even a simple text to someone. Writing is a great way to release any thoughts, emotions or can just help you to distract yourself.
X things out of your day that are bringing you negativity or creating stress. Even if it’s something you have to do, take a little time away and come back to it when you’re in a better head space.
Yes, yes yes. Put yourself out there and experience things, learn something new, join a group, go out with friends or family, travel to places you’ve never been. Just try to plan things you can look forward to and saying yes to more things is the best way to do that.
Zone out for a bit by doing things that allow you to focus on things that require you to properly engage your brain. Start reading, watching things, learning something new or if that fails, just take a nap for a bit.

Hopefully, you were able to take some sort of inspiration for better self-care from this, or enjoyed reading it at least! It was a really interesting tag to do so I'd love to know if you plan on doing it too!


Here are the people I tag!

Beth from The B Word
Hilary from Honestly Forked
Aimsy from Aimsy's Antics


  1. Aw, this is such a cute tag! I've never seen it before but I love it! Will definitely be using some of this advice :)

    1. Yes I hadn’t either! Oh that’s good to hear, thanks for reading x

  2. Hey this is pretty good advice. I've definitely bookmarked it.

  3. Thanks for tagging me! Loved your answers, it must have taken you ages to come up with them all (I know it will for me).
    What a great tag! Haven't heard of this one before.
    Aimsy xoxo

    1. Yes it did haha! Look forward to reading your answers xx

  4. This is such a good post idea!! I love how this is structured. It makes it so easy to read. So much good advice here too x


    1. Yeah I enjoyed writing it actually and thank you, that’s so nice!!x

  5. What a great tag! I love your advice for R, S and Y especially!

    Rhianna x

  6. This post is so adorable!


    1. I definitely enjoyed writing it! Thanks for reading x


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