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Since the academic year has recently started I thought I'd do a quick post to share some tips that I used or wish I knew at the time! I often found myself feeling pretty prepared and motivated at the start of the year but hopefully, some of these will help that to continue all year round, or more at least!

Attitude and Behaviour

Put in the effort now - when you get further into the year you'll thank yourself for putting in the time to learn everything properly, especially when it comes to revision as you'll already have materials to look back at.
> Mistakes are good - it can be disheartening when you make mistakes or don't get the feedback you hoped for but learning from them is a really productive and useful way to help improve.
> Strengths and Weaknesses - everyone has things they are better at and things they may struggle with, finding that out now and setting time aside to focus on the things you find harder will help reduce stress. You could also study w…


Since I didn't include all of my jumpers in my last Autumn haul, I thought I would do it today as it has definitely got chillier recently! I love this time of the year when it's starting to feel Christmassy and you can wear all the cosy jumpers! Like before I will similar jumpers to the ones I have featured, as these exact ones probably aren't available now!
This Black and White striped jumper goes perfectly with jeans for a simple and sophisticated look. It's definitely a slightly tighter fit so if you like more over sized jumpers I'd recommend you go up a size or two! This was from H&M a while ago now, for about £15 but I'm sure you can find similar from a few places as stripes are so in right now! I like both of these options on Dorothy Perkins and Asos.

I love wearing thinner jumpers at Autumn when the temperature is dropping, they're so easy to chuck on and you can layer up as well if needed. This dusky pink jumper was a great bargain from good old Primark, I didn't have any clothes of this colour in my wardrobe so I was glad when I found this! These jumpers are so affordable and they have so many different colours, I think this was about £8! Primark doesn't have the best online website so the closest I could find to the colour was this one on Boohoo.

This black one was a purchase I made a while ago, based mostly on the fact that it was SO soft. I'm not a huge lover of the fluffy jumpers but I thought I'd try this one out when it was on sale for £15 in New Look. Black is a colour that goes with most things so I thought it was the safest option and it is pretty warm and cosy. However it leaves little bits of black fluff everywhere you go, and I literally mean e v e r y w h e r e. But hey that's not your fault! This one on Asos looks pretty much the same so would be a great choice if you wanted one!

I really love cable knit jumpers and this Abercrombie one is such a good quality one. Plus white can be worn with most things so it is a staple in my Autumn wardrobe! Again this is a tighter fitting one so size up if you like them to be baggier. Here is a similar version from the Abercrombie website, I got mine as a Christmas present so I'm not too sure on the price but I believe it was probably around £50. This also is a perfect jumper to layer up with and would look perfect with a cosy winter coat!

Unfortunately this camera didn't quite pick up the true colour of this one but again this Khaki jumper was one a picked up in Primark a while ago. I love this colour and it such a perfect thing to have in your wardrobe around Autumn time. This is a lighter jumper so is great to throw on when it's chilly out but not freezing, it's one of those jumpers that is great to wear inside and then you can wear a jacket over it if you need to go out. I particularly like wearing it with black jeans and ankle boots, such a simple outfit but I really love it! This isn't the exact one but here is a similar jumper I found on Primark

This chunky mint jumper is definitely one for when it really starts to get cold out. This sort of mint/duck egg shades is one of my favourite colours and this is a really good quality jumper. It's so warm and cosy, and something I'm definitely going to start wearing more as we get into the colder months! Again this was a Christmas present but I believe it was around £10-20 from New Look. It was difficult to find a similar colour but this one on Amazon is fairly close! 

This last one is actually a recent purchase that I got 2 weeks ago from H&M. Pink is definitely in right now and I love this lighter shade so I was glad to find this when I went shopping. It's a sort of boxy fit so not too tight but not overly baggy, probably one of my favourite fits because it's so comfy. This is also great quality, really soft and wasn't too hard on the bank account. A successful purchase 
I think! At 8.99 this jumper is a new favourite in my wardrobe and you can pick one up at H&M too!

Let me know your favourite jumpers that you couldn't live without this Autumn!


  1. Loving all them pink jumpers - they are so pretty! Also the Khaki one is great too. I really need to get some more jumpers!


    1. My wardrobe consisted mostly of monochrome items so getting a few pink items really added some colour! Thanks for reading!x

  2. Some lovely jumpers here hun, great post :) xx

  3. I really love jumpers. These ones are lovely!

  4. You can never have too many can you! And thank you!x


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