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It's that time of the year again when everyone is trying to think about what to give people for Christmas, as well as making their own wishlists. I thought I'd do a quick post with a range of ideas because I know I always look for posts like this to get some inspiration!

→ Bath or shower set - I mean you can't go wrong can you, they make a great gift and can be used by anyone. I love this set from the brand Hugg that I got from Waitrose.
→ Perfume/Cologne - Also a super simple idea but it's so nice to get something new to wear. Also Fragrance Direct has 70% at the moment!
→ Bath bomb - A good bath is underrated and of course Lush is the ultimate go-to for amazing bath bombs but of course, lots of places sell some lovely ones.
→ Makeup palette - For the makeup lovers, I feel like a palette is a gift that will be appreciated and you can get eyeshadow, contour, highlight etc. James Charles x Morphe Palette is insane for those who like to experiment with colour but goo…


After seeing the popularity of Brighton grow massively I kept talking about how much I wanted to visit. I have seen so many videos and photos that it was like I already knew my way around! Finally I organised my train tickets and my sister and I headed off on a 3 hour train journey.

Since I knew there were a lot of places I wanted to visit we made sure we grabbed a quick lunch to fuel us for the endless walking to come. We then walked down to the West Pier and ate on the beach with the bandstand and i360 in sight. We then decided to bite the bullet and began walking the mile journey along the beach to Brighton Pier itself and I have to say it didn't disappoint. It was pretty packed with and had a huge range of souvenirs, food and attractions - I of course ensured I took various photos of all angles because if you don't post on social media were you really there? (I hope you got my sarcasm there!) Anyway I proceeded to stroll around, clutching my belongings because even though they were in a good sized bag, somehow I knew that if I dropped it, the entire contents would find it's way out of the bag and through the gaps...ending up in the middle of the sea. Come on, I know everyone is the same, we're British! After confirming we had seen everything there was to see on the Pier my sister and I headed off towards the Pavilion.

Let me tell you now, if you have ever wanted a close encounter with squirrels, the Pavilion Gardens is your place! Clearly they are used to human interaction because wherever you looked there would be one running about! After my sister (a fan of small furry animals) had watched them play around for a good 20 minutes we finally arrived at the lanes and all of the quaint and arsty Instagrams I had seen came to life. We of course made our way around, stopping to look in various shops like Choccywoccydoodah, Boho Gelato and the Dum Dum Donutterie (who to my disappointment had sold out!) Then after feeling like I'd walked in circles multiple times in the Lanes and we had finished Charlie's Sweet Emporium we decided to make our way to Churchill Square.

After under estimating the amount of time spent walking from place to place I then actually arranged to stay for another hour, giving me time to buy a couple of tops, your classic tourist postcards and of course, a stick of rock. That being said, my feet were not quite as happy to have to walk round for even longer! However I knew that all was left was a simple train journey back the way we came... oh how wrong was I! We got to the train station to find complete chaos and not a lot of running trains, due to a severe issue most were cancelled and we ended up having to take a detour into London just to get home. This made the journey almost an hour longer but after sitting on the train for what felt like years we finally found ourselves at home!

I know this was essentially a story time but I wanted to try out something a bit different and more personal so that you can maybe learn a bit more about my personality! Though failing that, at least you now have a day in Brighton planned out should you want to visit!


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Last Saturday I turned 19 and to celebrate, my boyfriend kindly paid for a trip to London. So on the Friday we morning, we made the journey from our little town to the busy streets of city life. The journey actually went really quickly, (around 2 hours) though we were both very hungry when we got there!

We stayed in The Grange St. Pauls hotel which was absolutely gorgeous and I would 100% recommend it to anyone. The room itself was a perfect size - spacious but still felt cosy and the bed was super comfortable, something I was very appreciative after the long day! However my favourite part and one of the reasons I chose this hotel were the leisure facilities. The pool itself was amazing and it was so nice to be able to use it on the Friday afternoon and again on the Saturday morning before we checked out. There was also a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and a gym, as well as a spa, which you could book various treatments at. Unfortunately we didn't really use too many of these as most…


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