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As of today, I've officially been blogging for 2 years which seems so strange to say! I feel like I've shared a fair amount but thought I would do a get to know me better post as it's a bit of fun! 

Favourite film?
 I can never seem to choose just one favourite but I'm pretty into mystery thriller type films - especially ones with a twist! For instance, I love things like Shutter Island and Inception, anything that keeps you guessing or has an ambiguous ending. I also enjoy a good comedy, one that springs to mind is Hot Fuzz as it also has that twist element. 
What is my Zodiac sign and do I agree with it?
Well, I was born on March 10th, making me a Pisces. I wouldn’t say I’m overly clued up about horoscopes and astrology, I do find it interesting though! In terms of me relating to the general description of a Pisces, there are some aspects that describe me well for sure. In particular, the creative, charismatic, intuitive and adaptable traits describe me pretty well. A…


Isn't it mad that we're halfway through 2018 already, or as I like to think - halfway to Christmas again, haha! I'm sure I always say this, but it really feels like this year has gone by so quickly! May was a pretty good month, we had some gorgeous weather which always puts me in a great mood but I also find that when the sun is out, blogging tends to take a backseat which I really want to improve on over June! Anyway, here are my favourites for May!


In my last favourites, I touched upon how I wanted to keep up with my Spring photography and like I just mentioned, we've been pretty lucky with the weather in May so that's something I've enjoyed doing a lot! It's been really lovely being able to spend more time outside and I've made the most of it by going on regular walks, it's a great way to relax and clear your mind and I've been able to take some great photos too!


There isn't really any new makeup I've been loving recently but I do have a few things to mention! Firstly are the Soft & Gentle anti-perspirant deodorants, I've actually used these for ages and rarely use any other brands because they work so well for me! I love the different scents and the last well too so I feel fresh all day, my favourites are the Wild Rose & Vanilla or the Jasmine & Coco Milk but I've tried the others and like them all! Since I'm such a fan I thought I had to mention them in a favourites post! A while ago I briefly mentioned that I'd got a Neal's Yard shower gel set for my birthday and have recently started using them, the scents are quite different to what I normally use but they feel like you're treating yourself because of the combinations just work so well and they're so fragrant! I'm loving anything rose scented at the moment so the Rose and Geranium is my go to!


So, even though Riverdale was on for months, the finale was actually in May so I thought I'd give it a mention today! I really got into it this season, I liked the first one a lot but I think that because there were more episodes I was waiting to find out what happens more so naturally became more obsessed! I've always been a fan of teen dramas with a bit of mystery and thrill mixed in but what I really like is the dynamic of the show and how they don't take it too seriously, a lot of the plot is kind of ridiculous but they balance it well and keep you engaged. I really enjoyed the musical episode (then again I always do), it was madness but I loved it and was singing the songs for days after! I absolutely love the cast, in and out of the show, Betty and Jughead are my absolute favourites!


I actually wouldn't say I'm a huge crisp lover (unless it's chips and dip) but this month I tried all the special Walkers 'Flavours of the Decades' and have found myself wanting more! I'm always up for trying different flavours of crisps, it's interesting to see what works and what doesn't, my favourites are probably the Chicken Tikka Masala which I was very intrigued about since that's my go to curry, or the Coronation Chicken but I could easily snack on any of them!


It was only a couple months ago that I included tea in my favourites post, but here we are again! This time however it's a green tea, or more specifically the White Hibiscus and Peach Green Tea that Taylor's of Harrogate do! Green tea is quite an acquired taste so having an extra flavour that's a little sweeter can definitely make it more enjoyable if you're not a fan usually! Peach is often one of my favourite scents and flavours so I knew that I'd like this, it's really light and fresh which is perfect for a morning pick me up! Also I love the packaging too, it's just so pretty!


Since we've had some sun recently I've been living shorts as I hate being too hot and hey, if it means I get a little tan then it's a win win! Towards the end of the month, I bought a new pair of denim shorts from Primark as needed some new ones and these were exactly what I was looking for! They're a perfect length since they're not too short and at £6 I couldn't say no could I, hopefully, I'll get a lot of wear out of them!

I can't believe I've almost been doing these monthly favourites posts for a whole year now, I find them so interesting to look back on! I'd also love to know what things you enjoyed through May so please leave me a comment below if you like!


  1. I can't believe how fast this year is going either! Your photos look beautiful! Love how you included those Walkers crisps I used to love the Lamb and Mint ones back in the day!

    Jess //

    1. Ah thank you so much! Yeah it’s great to revisit old favourites isn’t it! Thanks for reading xx

  2. I am a total green tea addict - original, flavoured, you name it. I haven't tried that one, but it sounds great!
    Britt |

    1. Yeah I definitely want to try some other flavours! Thanks for reading!

  3. Your right the times gone so fast! It's so crazy!! That tea looks really amazing, I want to try it. I've been loving Riverdale too, I agree Betty and Jughead are the best characters in the show. Really interesting post :)
    Menna x |

    1. It’s really nice! Oh they are for sure, and I love Lili and Cole outside of the show too! Thank you x

  4. Those walkers crisps are my faaave!

  5. The photos look beautiful! Wild Rose and Vanilla is probably one of my all time favourites xx

  6. It's pretty crazy how fast this year has gone already - I can't believe it's June! It will be Christmas in no time! It feels like each year is going by faster. Riverdale is such a good programme, I didn't watch it for a while and then decided to as I had nothing else to watch and I was pretty annoyed that I put it off for so long because it was so good! I actually didn't know Walker's were doing that with the crisps, it's interesting to see the different flavours throughout the years.


    1. It definitely does feel like each year goes faster doesn’t it! Yeah I didn’t watch the first season for a while and was glad I finally decided to get into it! Thanks for reading x

  7. It's so crazy that we're already halfway through the year! Love the pictures you've taken during May! Spring is such a gorgeous season - everything blooms and bring some newfound happiness into people's lives. The Neal's Yard shower gel set looks really neat with the different flavors!

    I haven't heard of Walkers chips before. Are they similar to Lay's chips? Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Thank you! Yeah I love this time of the year! Walkers are basically the British version of Lays haha!x

  8. This is a great Favorites post! I've never watched Riverdale but have heard such great things about the show, I really need to watch it! The tea you've mentioned sounds delicious too!

    1. Yeah it’s a great show, really easy to binge watch!! It’s really good!

  9. Thanks for sharing the information about the deodorant, people so rarely talk about those types of beauty products. We really do want to know about them too though!

    1. Yeah I know I thought that too, it’s essential so useful to see what people like!! Thanks for reading x

  10. I loved this post, you've shared some lovely things thank you! I'm still yet to try the crisps!! I need to try them asap x

    1. Thank you so much! Ooh yes definitely try them if you get the chance!x


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