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Since the academic year has recently started I thought I'd do a quick post to share some tips that I used or wish I knew at the time! I often found myself feeling pretty prepared and motivated at the start of the year but hopefully, some of these will help that to continue all year round, or more at least!

Attitude and Behaviour

Put in the effort now - when you get further into the year you'll thank yourself for putting in the time to learn everything properly, especially when it comes to revision as you'll already have materials to look back at.
> Mistakes are good - it can be disheartening when you make mistakes or don't get the feedback you hoped for but learning from them is a really productive and useful way to help improve.
> Strengths and Weaknesses - everyone has things they are better at and things they may struggle with, finding that out now and setting time aside to focus on the things you find harder will help reduce stress. You could also study w…


I can't believe we're almost at the end of October, this year is going so quickly! For today's post I wanted to share what I got up to this weekend. I love reading posts like this because it's a great way to get to know someone and find out what sort of things they like.

I'll be honest, I do enjoy a chilled weekend with Netflix and some good snacks. However it's also really good to plan things that you can look forward to! This weekend I went out for a meal with my family to Chiquito. It was my Mum's birthday recently so it was sort of a belated thing for her but also partly just because I'd wanted to go for ages!

Mexican food is one of my favourite international cuisines and I had heard great things about Chiquito, when I got there I had that horrible decision of choosing between about 5 different options I wanted to try. Eventually I decided to go with the beef chilli Tacos, a classic and well known favourite meal of mine. They were absolutely delicious and I would definitely have them again, however what I particularly liked was the taco rack that they came in to keep them standing. Whenever I make tacos at home I always have the issue of trying to balance them so that all the filling doesn't just fall out and collapse, A* for effort but ultimately an F for presentation!

^A few photos I managed to take, along with my sister's delightful posing!^

I also really liked the restaurant's aesthetic, particularly their recycled use of bottles and bottle caps for hanging displays and light shades. We of course couldn't leave without desert, they offered so many delicious looking things but in the end I went for the simple 'Ice Cream Trio' which came in a crispy cinnamon flavoured tortilla. Despite it being difficult to eat, its something I would have again for sure.

They offer great deals all the time, in fact we used a voucher to get 50% off of our mains (go now as its only valid until November 12th) but they also offer a 25% student and armed forces discount, as well as loads more opportunities to save money on their app. I know I sound like I'm advertising them but I genuinely would recommend going if you love Mexican food! I had a great day out and will certainly be planning to tick off some of the other dishes onto my 'to try' list!


  1. This place sounds great! A night out with family is always a good time!

    1. The food is so nice! And yes it's good to spend time with them isn't it, thanks for reading!


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