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Since the academic year has recently started I thought I'd do a quick post to share some tips that I used or wish I knew at the time! I often found myself feeling pretty prepared and motivated at the start of the year but hopefully, some of these will help that to continue all year round, or more at least!

Attitude and Behaviour

Put in the effort now - when you get further into the year you'll thank yourself for putting in the time to learn everything properly, especially when it comes to revision as you'll already have materials to look back at.
> Mistakes are good - it can be disheartening when you make mistakes or don't get the feedback you hoped for but learning from them is a really productive and useful way to help improve.
> Strengths and Weaknesses - everyone has things they are better at and things they may struggle with, finding that out now and setting time aside to focus on the things you find harder will help reduce stress. You could also study w…


This weekend consisted of a Christmas preparations trip to Southampton, mostly to get our Christmas tree but there were also a few other bits to do! I know there are pros and cons of getting a real or fake tree but there is something so exciting about going to choose it and being surrounded by the iconic pine scent, it really makes me feel so Christmassy and sort of marks the start of the festive period. You could probably spend hours looking at different trees and trying to decide which is the best looking one but once we had finally agreed we took it back to the car and headed into the town.

After getting some lunch I headed to a shops in search of a Christmas jumper, I'm always really picky with the ones I like so I knew it would take up some time. Unfortunately it seemed that a lot of them had sold out but hey I suppose that is the beauty of online shopping isn't it! Luckily it wasn't a complete waste of time as I did spot a few different things that could be possible present ideas for family members...okay okay most of the time I spotted things I'd love for myself but I did genuinely get some ideas for other people too, promise! At this point my boyfriend had almost lost the will to live and decided to sit in Costa whilst my sister and I browsed in a few other shops. 

After walking to and from different shops and then back again multiple times I decided that we definitely were in need of a warm drink so we joined my boyfriend in Costa and both got a Mint Hot Chocolate. I always love mint and chocolate together and it didn't disappoint, it was quite sweet so I'm glad I only got a small but it was the perfect pick me up before we headed back to meet up with my parents. At this point you may think, oh yeah and then you drove home? Not quite, in fact we actually went in multiple other stores as we were on the hunt for some Christmas decorations and bedding. 

This year we have definitely gone for a sort of red and white, Scandinavian style theme for our tree. It has to work for my youngest sister who would still love to cover it in brightly coloured lights, a hundred different types of tinsel and god knows what random hanging decorations that we got when I was a child but also look tasteful enough for the rest of us so this year I definitely think we have done quite well! Over the past few years we have gradually moved towards the red and hints of white theme, however we did need to purchase some more items so again began scanning various busy shops. I always enjoy looking at different Christmas displays in shops and seeing what sort of styles they are going for, and of course with Christmas songs on in the background it is an all round great experience to get you in the festive mood! 

Whilst looking for decorations in Dunelm we also picked up some bedding pieces, I was determined to get a Christmas duvet set this year and was so pleased when I found this gorgeous snowflake one, I love the grey and white reversible pattern as it still matches the neutral colour theme of my room but adds a touch of Christmas too! Also the snowflake pattern is definitely something I can use throughout the colder months as it isn't too in your face, plus at £8 for a double set it was a great purchase in my opinion! 

On Sunday I decorated our tree, with the "help" of my youngest sister, who basically put all the decorations next to each other, leaving me to move it all around so it probably took a bit longer than needed! Decorating the tree is always something I look forward to and it makes instantly makes the room look more Christmassy and after I had finally arranged and rearranged it various times I was definitely in full Christmas mode! I also have a smaller 3ft tree for my bedroom, it isn't the best quality but it came pre-lit and adds a nice little touch along with some lights that I've hung on the ceiling and my new duvet cover! I've been ready for Christmas since the end of summer but after this weekend I really am feeling festive! 



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