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It's that time of the year again when everyone is trying to think about what to give people for Christmas, as well as making their own wishlists. I thought I'd do a quick post with a range of ideas because I know I always look for posts like this to get some inspiration!

→ Bath or shower set - I mean you can't go wrong can you, they make a great gift and can be used by anyone. I love this set from the brand Hugg that I got from Waitrose.
→ Perfume/Cologne - Also a super simple idea but it's so nice to get something new to wear. Also Fragrance Direct has 70% at the moment!
→ Bath bomb - A good bath is underrated and of course Lush is the ultimate go-to for amazing bath bombs but of course, lots of places sell some lovely ones.
→ Makeup palette - For the makeup lovers, I feel like a palette is a gift that will be appreciated and you can get eyeshadow, contour, highlight etc. James Charles x Morphe Palette is insane for those who like to experiment with colour but goo…


Each and everyone has a different opinion of New Year's resolutions, personally I don't think you should put too much pressure on them, as you can't always achieve them! However I do think setting yourself some sort of goal to help better yourself and to open up new opportunities is a great thing to do! Here are 10 resolutions or goals I have set myself for 2018!

Be healthier

A fairly common one here and one of the hardest to stick to I'd say! I really want to start being healthier in general, for instance I'm planning to make smoothies as a replacement for breakfast or lunch on some occasions, as well as making sure I drink enough water. One of my biggest downfalls is snacking so that is also something I want to work on! I've recently made a Pinterest board with some ideas for smoothies, you can find it here!

Start exercising more

I definitely want to start being more active again, I used to love sport so this is something I hope to get back into. I started running regularly in the summer so I'd like to do that again, as well as doing a sort of circuit of different exercises at home. Even if I just go on more walks, I just plan to get out more!

Sort out my sleeping pattern

This is the one I really want to focus on and also something I find really hard as I've never been someone who needs much sleep. I often feel more productive in the evening and at night so regularly find myself up at 3 or 4 in the morning, sometimes not even feeling tired at all! I'd really like to start sleeping at a more reasonable time and creating a proper routine to stick to. My aim is to sleep between 12 and 1 but we'll see how that goes!

Self care

I've seen this come up a lot on people's resolutions lists and it's something I'm definitely going to do too! Taking time out of your day to focus on yourself is so important for your general well being, and it doesn't have to be anything major. For instance maybe you could take a bath, do a face mask, paint your nails, read, sleep in on the weekend, spend time outside, get a massage, treat yourself to a nice meal, etc. The list is endless but all of them are things that can add so much to your mood! 

Try out new recipes

I really enjoy cooking and baking so another of my goals is to try some new recipes this year. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration for new recipes and I've made a board to save anything I'd like to try out, feel free to check it out here if you want to find something new! The best thing about this goal is that you get to eat all the delicious food you make and that is always a bonus!

Be more organised

I love organising but often I end up spending more time on the actual organising bit than doing the actual tasks I need to do! I found the app 'Notebook' towards the end of last year and it has helped so much, I keep lists relating to different aspects of my life on there and it is so handy to have all in one place! I want to use this to plan ahead and stay on top of things over the year, as well as hopefully finding other ways to help me organise my life!

Focus on my blog

After starting blogging just over 6 months now I have really found something I love and enjoy and want to put even more time and effort into it. One thing I want to do is to create a schedule and to upload at least twice a week, as well as creating posts that are engaging and use my creativity. If anyone is thinking about taking the plunge and starting a blog then go for it, I am so pleased I did!

Start being more creative again

Being creative and producing art in various forms has always been something I have loved, however after finishing my A Levels I have sort of dipped in and out of the whole thing. I really want to focus on getting better at digital art and experimenting with different aspects, I hope to also get more inventive with my photography as that's another thing I love doing!

Learn calligraphy

Typography has been something that interests me for a while and I'd really like to learn how to do different types of calligraphy this year. It is so satisfying and can make even the most boring of words look aesthetically pleasing! I'll definitely be looking out for some inspiration and tips to help me learn!

Save money 

Lastly, I really want to focus on saving money. I am desperate to travel so my goal for the next few months is to work out a plan of what everything will cost. I also would like to find ways to make extra money, for example I definitely want to look into selling things on Depop! The ideal thing for me would be to start freelancing but I'm not quite sure if I'm there yet!

Please do leave any of your goals or resolutions in the comments below as I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. We have very similar goals for the new year. I hope you achieve these goals and I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you.

    1. Aw thank you, that’s so kind! Good luck with yours too and have a fab year!x


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