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It's that time of the year again when everyone is trying to think about what to give people for Christmas, as well as making their own wishlists. I thought I'd do a quick post with a range of ideas because I know I always look for posts like this to get some inspiration!

→ Bath or shower set - I mean you can't go wrong can you, they make a great gift and can be used by anyone. I love this set from the brand Hugg that I got from Waitrose.
→ Perfume/Cologne - Also a super simple idea but it's so nice to get something new to wear. Also Fragrance Direct has 70% at the moment!
→ Bath bomb - A good bath is underrated and of course Lush is the ultimate go-to for amazing bath bombs but of course, lots of places sell some lovely ones.
→ Makeup palette - For the makeup lovers, I feel like a palette is a gift that will be appreciated and you can get eyeshadow, contour, highlight etc. James Charles x Morphe Palette is insane for those who like to experiment with colour but goo…


I think tags are one of the most fun posts to do and to read, they're a bit of a laugh but you can often find a lot about someone's personality through them! I've seen quite a few people do 'The British Tag' so thought that today I'd share my answers! I'm not sure who came up with this originally but credit goes to them for the idea, though I've also added a few of my own questions!

1) How many cups of tea do you have a day? Milk and sugar?

I'm not really a big drinker of any sort of beverages, I just always seem to forget and definitely need to change that! So I'd say on average just one cup of tea, however I'm not opposed to having more! I have it with milk and two sugars. 

2) Favourite part of a Roast dinner?

Yorkshire puddings or if we have them then pigs in blankets - but we usually only have that around Christmas!

3) Go to dunking biscuit?

Now I only like to dunk occasionally as it is so disappointing when you're left with soggy biscuit in your tea! However, one of my favourites are chocolate chip cookies - not a soft and chewy one as they would just break instantly, but the smaller, hard cookies you get in packets. 

4) Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

My first thought was Afternoon Tea, however that's not something I ever do regularly, so a more accurate answer would be talking about the weather. Us Brits can, and will talk about the weather at any chance we get, it is the perfect conversation starter. It's like the subject is programmed into us at birth and we find it fascinating! 

5) Favourite British word?

This one changes quite a lot but I do like the word 'gutted' - as in disappointed and 'bagsy' - as in I have now claimed something to be mine. This was a huge thing at school and the bagsy rule was one you followed more closely that any other. If your friend had 'bagsied' the football or the front seat then you wouldn't dare to take that away from them!

6) Favourite sweet?

I found this one pretty hard, there's a few that came to my mind: Lemon Sherbets, Pear Drops, Rhubarb and Custards, Fizzy Peaches, Flying Saucers and Licorice. Something I also always enjoy is a Sherbet Fountain, these are all classic British sweets so if you have no clue what I'm on about then you're missing out! 

7) Favourite British shop or restaurant?

I honestly have no clue for this, there are a lot of places I can aimlessly wander in and still enjoy myself - especially if homeware is involved! Or, come Christmas time I literally love going in every shop just to see all the decorations and festive bits! Brand wise I would say Cadbury's 100% though!

8) Marmite? 

Love it. Yes it is odd but I am a massive fan of it and now I could really do with some on toast!

9) What's your order in a chip shop?

It depends, but usually either burger and chips, sausage and chips or chicken nuggets and chips. I also love chips in gravy or curry sauce too! I feel like I've definitely typed 'chips' too many times now...

10) Something that reminds you of a typical British school?

Wet paper towels. Enough said. 

11) Most 'British' thing about you?

The fact that I could speak 'sarcasm' fluently from about 6. Or the fact that I find myself loudly muttering 'you're welcome' when holding the door for someone and they don't say thank you. 

12) Favourite board game?

Cludeo all the way. A classic and one of the best out there!

Let me know if there is anything you relate to, or perhaps one you have a completely different answer for! 


  1. What a fun tag love you're answers, haven't heard "bagsy" for a while haha. Cluedo is also my all time favourite board game x

    1. Thank you, it was definitely a fun one to do!!x

  2. I'm the total opposite with tea, I think i'm on my 10th cuppa of the day aha x

    1. I do think I’ll gradually get to that stage, can’t beat a good cup of tea!x

  3. Have never seen this tag before, so I'm glad you've written about it! The word 'gutted' I would totally agree with and finally, I'm not the only one who likes marmite! Thanks for posting! :) x

    1. If you ever feel like answering the questions the please share it with me as I’d love to know other people’s answers! Oh good a fellow marmite lover!x

  4. Wet paper towels haha, so true! Also a big marmite fan :) This was fun to read!

    1. Schools must go through so many wet paper towels haha!! Thank you!

  5. Ah I love this post! So true- tags are a great way to learn a little bit more about the personality of someone!

  6. Ah I love this post! So true- tags are a great way to learn a little bit more about the personality of someone!

  7. I've never ever heard of 'bagsy' before but I'm going to use it from now on (although I'm not British). What a good word! This is a very fun tag and I've learned quite a few new things! (I was one of those who had absolutely no clue what kind of sweets you were talking about... a new world to explore!). ;)


    1. I always find it so interesting to see how different things are depending on where you’re from!! Oh yes you should definitely check out the world of British sweets! Thanks for reading!x

  8. foundationsandfairytales11 January 2018 at 22:09

    Rhubarb and Custard are some of my favourite sweets too! My go to chip shop tea is either a kebab or battered sausage, chips and curry sauce!
    The wet paper towel part made me laugh! I work in a pre-school and it still works wonders to this day, put a wet paper towel on anything and it's like a miracle has happened haha!

    Jess xx

  9. That’s a good shout, the curry sauce just ties it together! Honestly it’s as if wet paper towels hold powers of some sort haha!xx

  10. I'm woth you, not a big drinker of tea. Well I actually don't drink it 😱 Bagsy brings back some great memories xxx Thank you


    1. People used to always say it!! Thank you for reading!xx

  11. Now that's an original tag. I like doing tag posts. Love your answers but I drink much more tea than you haha. I might have to give this tag a go!

    1. Definitely do it and let me know so I can check it out! Thanks for reading!

  12. It's always fun to learn about how people do things differently in other parts of the world. I am Canadian which isn't so far off but so many things are completely different. That's why I love traveling actually because I can learn about different cultures and customs. Great post. :)

    Maya @

    1. Thank you for reading! Isn’t it funny how different things are depending on where you came from!


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