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Everything else has taken a backseat lately as I recently started a course with the OCA, I knew I wanted to get a degree but had no clue what and didn’t want to rush into something after school. I’d always planned to something based around creativity but could never decide on a certain aspect. The Creative Arts degree that the OCA offers allows you to study a range of topics, to begin with (Contemporary Art, Creative Writing, Visual Communications, Photography, Textiles) and then you choose 2 of these to develop further. This is perfect for me as I’ll be able to explore the different avenues and can make a better-informed choice on what I’m more interested in. Right now, I think I’ll choose writing and photography since I enjoy them both and think they could be pretty useful in terms of the potential careers I’d be interested in - another positive being the fact that hopefully, this will open up new job opportunities too.

So what is the OCA? Well, the Open College of the Arts is for th…


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So like me, I expect you have either been to see The Greatest Showman recently or you have at least heard people talking about it a lot! As soon I saw the trailer I knew I definitely wanted to watch it, I love a musical and once I'd heard people say great things about it then there was no other option than to arrange a trip to the cinema!

Anyway, my family, boyfriend and I headed to Dorchester last weekend and went to the Plaza - a great little cinema with a gorgeous Art Deco vibe. We've been to see quite a few movies there and I have to say it is a great experience, their prices are so affordable and I don't think I've ever been to a cinema with such great leg room! Trust me, when you have it, you appreciate it! Supporting local businesses is always important so if you're ever in the area, I definitely recommend you check out the Plaza!

Now, back to the movie itself! Since a lot of people had already watched it, I had a certain expectation and was fully prepared to instantly have all the songs in my head for the next few weeks. Often, when you have a certain expectation it often leads to disappointment but thankfully this wasn't the case! I loved the movie and thought their take on PT Barnum's life and his journey to success in creating the renowned 'Barnum and Bailey Circus' was done excellently. I think that this was partly due to the fantastic cast! Hugh Jackman was perfect for the lead role, though I do have to admit I was very excited to see Zac Efron in a musical role again. It sort of helped fill a High School Musical shaped hole and it was if Troy Bolton had finally given in to his love of musical theatre once and for all! I was also glad to see that Zendaya had been given a chance to showcase her acting skills in this movie, I definitely think she is one to watch and I'm pleased that she is being given the recognition she deserves! Both Michelle Williams and Rebecca Ferguson were also excellent though one of my favourite characters had to be 'Lettie' played by the fabulous Keala Settle.

Most importantly however is the fact that I share my love of the soundtrack. I don't know anyone who has seen The Greatest Showman who didn't put the songs on repeat instantly after watching it! My favourites are definitely 'Rewrite The Stars' and 'This Is Me' as I thought they were done so well. I seriously wanted to become a trapeze artist after Zac and Zendaya's effortless performance in Rewrite The Stars (and yes I have seen the outtakes!) but the routine and song fitted so well that it was impossible not to love the scene! Similarly, 'This is Me' was an incredible performance and the empowering lyrics are definitely something to be celebrated! I'm so glad that it has received an Oscar nomination, though I was surprised that the movie was not given more recognition!

All in all, I absolutely loved The Greatest Showman and can't wait for it to be released so that I can watch it all over again and along to my hearts content! I'd love to know what your opinions are and what your favourite songs were!


  1. The Greatest Showman was amazing! This is me and Rewrite the Stars are my favourite songs too!

    1. Constantly got them playing, I love it! Thanks for reading!

  2. I'm absolutely obsessed with The Greatest Showman soundtrack since watching it too! My favourite has to be A Million Dreams.

    1. Ah yes that one is so good as well! It’s hard to pick favourites!!

  3. Wow! This seems like a great movie!! I’ve heard a lot about it and musicals are always awesome. Great review!

    1. It’s a great one, you should definitely give it a watch if you get the chance! Thank you!!

  4. YAYYY! I've seen this film FIVE times already. One of them was a sing-a-long version. I absolutely love it. I talked my brother into going on Monday and he took his fiance, he loved it too. He's been singing it ever since! So glad you enjoyed it. Great post <3 xx

    1. I want to go see a sing-a-long version so much!!! It’s such a great film isn’t it, I know a lot of people who were surprised they liked it & cant help but sing the songs! Thank you for reading!xxx


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