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I'm not one to make resolutions particularly but I do think it's quite useful to make some goals, though it doesn't necessarily have to be January! 

→  Start a Creative Arts degree - This year I plan to begin studying with the OCA, this is part of the University for the Creative Arts but you can do it from home which will allow me to continue working as well!
→ Work with more companies - I've had a couple companies reach out to me already this year so I'm really looking forward to working with more brands to create content. → Create a list of book ideas - Writing a book is on my bucket list and although it's not something I plan to do yet, I would like to think of some potential ideas and themes. → Guest posts - I've done a few guest posts previously and would like to do more to build up my portfolio. I'd also like to contribute to places like Buzzfeed since it's a platform I use frequently.

→ 4000 followers on Twitter - I'm almost at 2500 so 4000 is…


December is always a busy month and the one I look forward to most! So, I thought I should share some of the things I enjoyed over the month, which seemed to fly by!


Now, of course, I had to mention Christmas as a whole since it is the thing that makes December my favourite time of the year! I enjoy the whole lead up to Christmas and spend most of my time watching Christmas films, listening to Christmas music and eating a lot of food! It’s also really lovely to see family and Christmas Day itself was amazing too. I was lucky to receive some brilliant gifts which you can check out here!


We finally went to see Mary Poppins Returns which completely lived up to my expectations, I'm a big Dinsey fan and new I had to watch this when they announced it. I loved the new story and thought Emily Blunt was absolutely perfect for the role, Lin-Manuel Miranda was also incredible! I also think that the nods to the original were really well done and it’s definitely a film I’d want to see again!


December is a strong month for good food so I could list a million things here, but I’ll pick out the things I like the most! Firstly are Jacob’s Treeselets which have been a firm favourite of mine for as long as I can remember and I could eat them all day every day probably. Another Christmas essential is the Terry’s Chocolate Orange which is one of the best chocolates I think, I was given two for Christmas so no complaints there! A highlight of the day is the Christmas Dinner and the star of the show is definitely the pigs in blankets for me, I also like to have them cold too actually!


I previously mentioned the game ‘The Chameleon’ in my last post which is something that’s quite different to anything I’ve played before. Essentially you are given a topic and then a specific word is chosen, each person then has to come up with another word that correlates to this. However, the catch is that the Chameleon doesn’t know what original word has been selected so has to try and say something that doesn’t give it away! It’s very amusing and something I’d recommend for sure, I also linked a video about it in my last post if you’d like to watch that too!

My sister also received the game ‘Telestrations’ which is a similar concept to Pictionary. However, each person draws something and then passes it to the next person who then has to guess the drawing.  They then pass it on and the next person must draw from the word they wrote. It continues like that, alternating from drawing and guessing until you get yours back. When you go through and reveal the original drawing and the things that came from it, you can get some pretty interesting results! We played this with my Grandparents which was absolutely hilarious!


There are also some great things on TV around Christmas so I thought I’d mention a few things that I enjoyed watching. Firstly are the two specials of The Great British Bake Off, they had an amazing lineup this year and it was great to see some of my favourites from previous series return, it also made me want to start baking more in 2019! Another annual favourite of mine is The Big Fat Quiz of The Year, I’m a big fan of quiz shows and this one is always so funny. Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade are regular guests and really make the show for me!

Something new that I watched this Christmas was The ABC Murders, a 3 part series based on the Agatha Christie novel. I love murder mystery type plots so was excited when I heard about this, my whole family watched it and it was a really interesting plot. It stars Rupert Grint and John Malkovich who made the role of the infamous Hercule Poirot his own. You can catch up on the episodes here!


I did receive a new checked shirt, jacket and a pair of Nike trainers for Christmas which I mentioned in my What I got For Christmas post, however, I thought I’d share my Christmas pyjamas and socks here! We have a few Christmas Eve traditions (you can check out that post here), and one of them involves being given some new pyjamas. This year I got these grey and white fairisle ones with little accents of mint green. I love the pattern, colours and they’re also super cosy so I’ve been loving wearing them over the holidays. Some new socks are also a gift we often get in our stockings, and I got this set of 5 from Primark which again are all fairisle patterns. I think the red ones are my favourite just because they’re so festive!

I’d love to know what things you enjoyed over December and what made the month special for you. Also, hopefully, you’ve had a great start to 2019 so far!


  1. It is definitely not Christmas without a Chocolate Orange!! I love Big Fat Quiz of the year too, I always record it so I don't miss it if we are out and about celebrating Christmas. Those games sound great too, you can't beat a good game over Christmas.

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. Yeah I always make sure it’s recorded too! Christmas is definitely a time to get the board games out isn’t it! Thanks for reading x

  2. Mary Poppins was so cute! And Christmas is peak board game season! We played a lot of this game called Colour Brain, which was fun! :)

    Rhianna x

    1. Ooh I’ve not played that one, I’ll have to check it out! x

  3. I am yet to see Mary Poppins Returns, need to change that this month. December for me is filled with a lot of birthdays, including mine, a lot of food and of Christmas, I love every minute of December!!

    Vikki |

    1. Ooh yes definitely give it a watch! December must be very busy for you but sounds like a lot of fun!x


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