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As of today, I've officially been blogging for 2 years which seems so strange to say! I feel like I've shared a fair amount but thought I would do a get to know me better post as it's a bit of fun! 

Favourite film?
 I can never seem to choose just one favourite but I'm pretty into mystery thriller type films - especially ones with a twist! For instance, I love things like Shutter Island and Inception, anything that keeps you guessing or has an ambiguous ending. I also enjoy a good comedy, one that springs to mind is Hot Fuzz as it also has that twist element. 
What is my Zodiac sign and do I agree with it?
Well, I was born on March 10th, making me a Pisces. I wouldn’t say I’m overly clued up about horoscopes and astrology, I do find it interesting though! In terms of me relating to the general description of a Pisces, there are some aspects that describe me well for sure. In particular, the creative, charismatic, intuitive and adaptable traits describe me pretty well. A…


Firstly, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, holiday or just a nice time if you don't celebrate anything! I know these posts aren't everyone's cup of tea but, I'm very grateful for everything and am not bragging at all, I just think it's interesting to see what people received. Also, I like to be able to document all the gifts I was given this year as something to look back on. 
My main present this year was a Fujifilm Camera which I was so excited to open, I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember and plan to start a Creative Arts Degree which will help me to develop my photography skills. It's also going to come in really handy for blogging too and I can't wait to start taking better photos for my posts!

I've been meaning to get a new pair of shoes for a while now so this year I asked for some Nike trainers. I wanted black ones since they go with pretty much anything and have a feeling this will become a staple for me. I wore them out for the first time the other day and they were very comfy so I'm so pleased!

Another thing I've been looking for is a lightweight jacket with a hood and decent pockets. I have a parka which is perfect for winter but my any jacket I have to wear when it's just a little chilly out don't have a hood. Or they have rubbish pockets. Now, living in England that's a problem and especially when I walk to work! So, I found this perfect Navy jacket from Bestseller and was lucky enough to receive it for Christmas. 

I also got a green checked shirt which I wore on Christmas Day, I just love how you can wear them with so many different outfits and it's such an easy thing to throw on. I've been looking to a green one for a while so thought it was a good thing to ask for, mine was from Primark and I'd definitely recommend them if you're looking to get a new checked shirt!

Often I'll receive some sort of fragrance for Christmas and this year I was given Zoella Beauty Botanic'eau and Cosmos body mists. Both smell amazing and are the perfect everyday scent, as it's from the Christmas/Winter collection I've been wearing Cosmos recently and can't wait to start using Botanic'eau when it gets a little warmer!

Now a slightly more random gift that was a bit of a surprise was a Bonsai Tree Kit, which allows you to grow three different bonsai trees. I've not actually started it yet but am really looking forward to growing them! I love plants in general and have wanted a bonsai tree for a while now but a grow your own kit is even better, I'll be sure to keep pictures of the progress too!

Each year my sisters I will be given a joint present which is usually a board game since we always like to play them over the Christmas period. This year we received 'The Chameleon' board game which has proved to be a great laugh! I actually first heard about this after watching a video on Sammy Paul's 'What I'm Doing Now' channel in which he a few friends played this and some other games. I'd definitely recommend you check out the video here if you want to see what the game involves!

I also received a couple of books this year and since I'm not a massive fiction reader they are more of the interactive style book. The first is 'The Great Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Book' which has a tonne of Sherlock-esque puzzles to work out. I'm a massive fan of detective style things and love things like this so it's an ideal book for me. Also, you can do it by yourself if you've got some time to spare or I've also been looking at them with my family so it's something everyone can get involved in. Similarly, another one that's great fun for all the family is Richard Osman's World Cup of Everything book. Which basically involves you trying to rank certain things such as the best chocolate bar, Disney film or Christmas song. It's definitely one that can cause debates but also is really funny too!

Another fairly random gift was a marble lap tray which is, of course, meant for eating, but I also plan to use it for writing, drawing and things like that so it's going to come in really handy. I really love the marble design and what's even better is that it is going to make a perfect backdrop for blog pictures! 

On top of those things, I was given some smaller things such as a new notebook, diary, Christmas pyjamas and socks, wireless earphones, a gorgeous nail polish in a charcoal colour, a mango scened Burt's Bees lip balm and of course a lot of chocolate. I also kindly received money from a few family members which will allow me to buy something I actually want rather than just getting something for the sake of it. 

I'm so pleased and grateful for everything I received this year and a big thank you to everyone who gave me something, I had a lovely day with my family and can't believe it's all over again! Let me know what you received this year, hopefully, you had a lovely time and let's hope 2019 is a great year!


  1. Awhhh I love this, the camera looks fab and you definitely can’t beat a good pair of trainers!!! The Sherlock puzzle book looks really intriguing, my friend’s really into Sherlock themed things so might have to look into that for a gift idea!! xx

    1. Yes exactly! It’s pretty interesting and would make a great gift!xx

  2. Looks like you had a great Christmas! I’ve been looking for some Nike trainers that look good and are comfortable without breaking the bank for ages as they can literally go with anything! Xx

    1. Yes it was great thanks, hope yours was too! These were on sale for £24 which I think is pretty reasonable since they can be double that sometimes!xx

  3. I can't believe you got a camera... lucky lady!

    Lola Mia x

    1. Yes I’m so pleased with it! Thanks for reading x

  4. Happy New Year! You received some great presents! Love the camera, enjoy snapping away! xo

    Pinar |

    1. I’ve been enjoying using it so far and can’t wait to get out and experiment! Hope you had a lovely time x

  5. Yay that’s awesome that you got the camera!! I hope you had a lovely holiday :)

    1. Really loving it! I did thanks, hopefully you did too!


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